Monday, June 8, 2009


Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. Everyone in the house is sick and it's been tough to get any time to myself.

In other news, June 6th was my fifth year anniversary of moving to Amsterdam. Why does it feel like a hundred?

D told me that I was "sleeping like Jesus" in bed the other night. I told him it was because I've been suffering for 3 years. I am SO going to Hell.

Hopefully the kids will be well enough for daycare on Wednesday and I'll be able to get some posting done.

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Canucky Woman said...

Feliciteerd...? lol!

Five years for me in August. Have you gotten Dutch citizenship yet or are you going for permanent residency?

I think I deserve citizenship as a reward for mere tenacity, but the Dutch government has this silly rule about knowing the language and all that. Boo. I should get Honourary Citizenship!!!