Friday, August 14, 2009

...And I'm a big fat crybaby...

So I get an email from some stom kutwijf about how my email address that I have had since 1995 infringes on her trademark rights. I won't post the email address here, since the whiny c*nt will probably get her panties all in a snit, but here's her email (I even left the typo in):


You seem to be using my "***" name that is trademarked. It is appearing in the search engines. I never gave approval for the name "****" to be used by other people.

Please discontinue use of my trademark or "****" and update the search engine listings or I will be forced to have my trademark attorney contact you. I can also have the company, listing your forum submissions, brought into the matter.

With deepest regrets,
Stupid loser with no life.

So here was my response:

Hi - I think you'll find my email address predates your patent (1995, I believe). I am posting to a childcare forum, not in a professional arena, but if you think it is serious enough to shell out to hire an international lawyer to pursue a foreign citizen without two nickles to rub together for warmth, be my guest.

My further advice would be to loosen up and realize that nothing I have posted causes you any harm.

Verder nog, ophouden met zeiken en ga iets nuttigs doen met je kut leven.


A much older **** than you...

When I'm in a bad mood, you really shouldn't send emails threatening frivilous lawsuits. Although, if she's got the minerals to follow this up, I'm looking forward to costing her a lot of money. Haha-frickity-haha


Anonymous said...

Did she ever reply?

Suka said...

Not yet!