Friday, October 16, 2009

I ate a whole box of cookies. All 9 of them...

Someone asked me awhile back to list some typical supermarket prices to get an idea about how expensive it is to live here in Yerp.

Bear two things in mind - we're talking about euros, not American pesos; and that packaging is MUCH smaller here, so you get a lot less. Oh, and get this - we pay a "packaging tax" so the stupid fuckers wrap cookies individually within the boxes they sell them in. Prices sound low - 1.54 for a box of cookies - but there are only 9 or 10 in a box.

1.5 liters milk: 1.14
1 liter choc. milk (generic): 0.76
4 rolls of toilet paper: 2.49
1 liter spaghetti sauce; 1.98
60-pack baby wipes (generic): 1.55
Cheese: 6-8 euros/kilo
Chicken breast (on sale!): 3.99/kilo
10 free-range chicken eggs: 1.46.
Loaf whole wheat bread: 1.42

Don't forget the 6% sales tax on food.

Also, you have to run all over creation to get everything you want. I go to Lidl for juice and chicken; C1000 for milk and name brand stuff; and a slew of others to take a look at all the DIFFERENT products they have. One store may have brands you've never even heard of.

I checked every grocery store in my neighborhood (3) to find popcorn kernels. Nowhere to be found. No one carries them. Popcorn.

The next week, I find a whole stack of bags of popping corn nonchalantly hanging out at Vomar. And no one knows ANYTHING.

"Where can I find popcorn?"
"No, idea."
"Where can I find popcorn?"
"Someplace else."

I have to continue this later, because I feel my blood pressure rising in consumer frenzy, and my little son wants me to color with him. Tot zo.


holmesmd said...

I'm a new resident of Amsterdam, moved here from Boston to attend graduate school for lack of other options... yeah recession!

Just wanted to say I found your blog absolutely hilarious. It's refreshing to find an expat willing to admit that life here is all peaches and cream.

If you're still hunting for popcorn kernels, try the ethnic shops in your area. They are a staple of the shops at the Dappermarkt, or any surinese/north african shop for that matter. I often see them with the beans and rice.

Ferruchi said...

Mmmm... I just bought buttermilk and unsweetened chocolate...
That's ahMERican shopping, yo...

Anonymous said...

The Plus where I live has popcorn kernels AND microwave popcorn (wtf is with the "sweet" variety? Gross.)