Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dutch TV sucks

Dutch tv sucks. All the shows are American or British imports and they are all about 10 years old. We get all these stupid series that were cancelled 100 years ago, like "Two guys, a girl, and a pizza place." Remember that one? You're right. Nobody does. How about "According to Jim"? Another fat, unfunny guy sitting around in his Lazy Boy while his hot wife tries to figure out why her character would ever stay with such a loser. "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"...ok, that one's good, but still so old. No wonder everyone in the US thinks that Europeans dress like the 1980's. That's when all the shows are from, only no one tells them.

There are hardly any decent home improvement shows either (not even "Home Improvement" with Tim Allen...see According to Jim comment above...). I desperately miss TLC and HGTV. I never thought TV would be on my "top things I miss about America" list, but yeah, it is. On the other hand, people don't tend to watch tv much because there is nothing good on. Ever. Instead they cook dinner, go to the park after work to play with the kids, hang the laundry, or something else Americans have forgotten all about.

Which brings me to washing machines and dryers. Why can't we have good ones here? The clothes stay dirty because all the machines are front-loading, water-conserving, low-heat models. The electricity needed to run dryers costs so much that people usually just hang the laundry. I have forgotten what a soft, fluffy towel feels like.

We have a washer-dryer in one machine which does neither well. We end up hanging almost everything, since it's actually usually faster than the frigging dry function. That's irony.

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