Friday, September 12, 2008


When do we get to dress all futuristic? I want to wear shiny black clothes, big boots and huge sunglasses, you know, like I did in the '90s.

I'm sick of watching all these "futuristic" movies that were made 30 years ago and are supposed to be taking place now, and not having any of the cool stuff in them.

And when the f do we get flying cars, huh?

The Jetsons were just one big lie, weren't they?


Patrick said...

I feel your pain, sister.

DrMekon said...

See, I think you are closer to the future in Holland than we are in the UK.

Look at modernist takes on the built environment - there's always loads of common spaces. When I visited Amsterdam, it seemed to me that the Dutch are way ahead in terms of valuing the public space (and avoiding the tragedy of the commons). Your housing estates work.

So break out the big glasses and shiny boots, I reckon.

Ferruchi said...

"Du-ran, Du-ran..."
As said, of course, by the *very* fashioned Jane Fonda in Barbarella.
I remember some pretty big boots in that one!

Oh, and from
"The most controversial of those scenes involves Barbarella being "tortured" by use of a machine that gives sexual pleasure in doses that can be lethal."