Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another naked neighbor

What is it with me and the naked neighbors?

I was at the window on the telephone looking out at the bike path where two girls were stopped and apparently shouting to a man across the water on his balcony. They seemed to exchange words and then he opened his bathrobe in the classic "flasher" style. They laughed and started to pedal off when he did it again (and jiggled. Eew).

A flasher. Really? I mean, it's so '70s. And can I get a moratorium on the naked neighbors now, please? WTF?

In all honesty, I laughed my ass off. After everything I've seen and heard and experienced here, it was practically a quaint, retro throwback; a nostalgic flash down memory lane. It's so benign.

My poor aunt on the telephone was traumatized, and when I told a friend, he was concerned that I might be upset. Like, should I be? Am I really this desensitized? Or am *I* the sicko, since I chuckled all afternoon?


moeder said...

You are immune. Talk about chuckling, I do so when I think about the telephone call I got from an upset mom a few years ago. We were doing a two year stint back in the U.S. My son was in the 2nd grade. One of the kids in his class taught the others a dirty song. When the upset mom called me I could only laugh.....after all having been born and raised in Amsterdam up until that point, my kids had already seen a woman shoot a coke can out of her vagina on public access t.v.

Ferruchi said...

>...he was concerned that I might be upset...

This is someone who knows you?
Now THAT'S the funny bit!