Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zee Germans are(n't) coming...

So we still have air raid sirens here. They run them once a month as a test. If you hear them at any other time, you're supposed to go home and listen to the radio, work on your victory garden, collect aluminum foil, and hide the kids under the stairs or something...

Are we really doing this? I mean, really? Is the emergency broadcast system not enough?

It scares the holy shit out of you when you hear it. I always think of the scene in Hope and Glory when they are all hiding under the stairs during the air raid and the daughter says something like "Don't drop it on us, drop it on the neighbor. She's a cow!" Great movie.

One of my friends, the freak-show performer, got a Hitler-style haircut, and wears it all swept to the side and everything, only it's fuschia, and he does things like swing bowling balls from his piercings. I suppose some people would find that offensive, but they're probably the same people that find offensive, so there you have it.

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secret agent kaos said...

hi! :)
lol @ th christmas dinner with hitler pic
we had an air raid siren in th country town i grew up in (im in australia) it was used as th country fire service call out system, when th station got a call about a fire they would run th air raid siren until all th cfs volunteers arrived at th station :)
and yes it is pretty freaky. once my nanna was staying for th holidays and th siren went off and my nanna dived under th table in fear. (she lived in england during WWII) it wasnt as funny as it sounds, she was a mess.