Sunday, August 31, 2008

Get the door - It might be Domino's

Can I just say, without launching into my promised tirade about the lack of customer service in Holland, that Domino's pizza has disappointed me on more than one occassion?

In the US, Domino's delivers in 30 minutes, or your order is free. In Holland, they deliver in 30 minutes just have to wait a little longer. One time it took them an hour and 15 minutes.

So, good service being the exception here, imagine my surprise when we got Domino's tonight and it was 1) On time; 2) delicious; and 3) still hot. It wasn't just ok; it was actually GOOD. The cinnastix were still warm, and the pizza was flavorful, fresh, and on time. You could've knocked me over with a feather.

See? THIS is what I'm talking about. I'll order from them again, not because I have no other choice (but there aren't really that many...) but because it was worthy of my business. This is something that is such a foreign notion in the Netherlands. No one cares about the quality of service they provide, so everyone just becomes used to sub-par service, if any.

Congratulations, Domino's. I salute you! Do not let the lack of enthusiasm discourage you. There ARE people who appreciate your effort. Make this a trend. Please!


Anonymous said...

Hot pizza delivered? what? makes me wonder how many people were run over by that guy on the moped delivering it.

David said...

In the States (at least in my area) Domino's has abandoned its 30 minute promise.

They still target a delivery in 30 minutes but there is no "free" compensation for missing it.

They got too much flak for accidents from rushing delivery drivers.

Although I refuse to buy pizza from them because I don't want to support the religious bigotry of the owner.