Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He can't help it: He's Dutch

My oldest son is a neat freak. He loves to clean and organize, and things upset him when they aren't "quite right." If he were 20, I wouldn't mind, but he's 2.

I've actually had to punish him by NOT letting him clean. I've said things like "put that vacuum down right now and come over here!" and "If you don't listen to me, I am taking away your squirt bottle and rag!"

This is how he plays with cars:

When he was one and a half, he was playing in the kitchen utensil drawer, as babies are wont to do, and he came across a pen. He handed it to me and said disapprovingly "Mommy, not here."

He is definitely Dutch. This does not (repeat, NOT) come from me. It is the inherent cleanliness that comes from being born among canals and windmills.

One of the things that fascinates and disturbs me about the Dutch is this clean streak.

If you have a backyard or outdoor space here - and in the city, that's quite a thing - the first thing these people do is pull out all the vegetation and pave it, then put furniture, flower pots and the inevitable garden gnome on it. WTF?

Don't even THINK about letting the dog go in the yard - walk him outside instead. WTF is the point of having a fenced yard if not to let the dog go in it? Especially with all the rain here. They would rather go out in the hail and rain than let the dog piss on the yards that they purposely cover with brick and stones. That's comedy.


Sara said...

I can't help it: I'm American. I've got to ask. Does he play with the cars in a vroom vroomy way too, not just lining them up?

Suka said...

Yes, he does. He loves all kinds of playing with cars - racing, crashing, towing, *ahem* cleaning them with his spray bottle and rag... but he also loves to line them up to "park" them; or in this case, to make a "train." Even so, the precision is eerie.

Sara said...

Oh good. Well, maybe he has a bright career as a parking lot attendant ahead of him. (Or as a scientist, but what mother would want that?)